TJ's Worldbuilding Planner

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What you'll get:

An interactive Google Sheet containing:

  • 📈 A goal planner with a wordcount and progress tracker

  • 🌍 A place to plan out what you want to create

  • ⚡ Somewhere to keep track of your favourite prompts and challenges

  • 📜 A bonus quest board that will help you decide what to do next!


Suitable for worldbuilding and creative writing challenges!

You can use this tool for helping keep track of your worldbuilding ideas, plan out your next milestone and big goals, or even track your daily writing progress!

It even has a place to keep track of all of those prompts and challenges that you want to take part in or get around to finishing! (Seriously, how many ARE there in October now?)

If you're stuck for ideas, check the quest board! It will pick a random top priority item from your list, or maybe an unfinished prompt, or maybe just a small thing you can achieve! It has some great self care ideas as rewards for completing them, too. 💜

Reach your goals as you track your progress

Nail that NaNoWriMo, smash that Summer Camp, and win at WorldEmber by keeping a steady pace and avoiding burnout.

Complete three short writing sprints and the tool will calculate your average writing speed - it will use this to show you how long your next target will take each day so you can find some time in your schedule to achieve your ultimate goal!

Furthermore, if you know you'll have some busy days during your challenge - it will take that into account and increase your daily target accordingly so that you finish on time!

Fully customizable

Every part of the sheet is customizable! You can customise all of the lists used in the dropdown menus, and add your own motivational quotes and self care rewards to keep you motivated throughout your challenges. As always, if something doesn't suit you - change it or remove it! Only use what's useful to you :)

The drop down menus in the planner are based off of the ready-to-use templates on World Anvil, but you are free to customise it and use the worldbuilding tools that suit you best!


This work is licensed under
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

I want this!

You'll get a ready-to-use interactive Google Sheet with a goal planner, wordcount & progress tracker, prompt log, and bonus quest board!

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TJ's Worldbuilding Planner

19 ratings
I want this!